Dear Friends,

As you know, we must temporarily close our dining area to keep our community safe. We will miss your company. THE GOOD NEWS, however, is that we will be offering curb-side take out and delivery. TAKE OUT will be easy: Call 505-982-9525. Park in one of our 2 RESERVED PARKING SPACES on Grant St.- right in front of the restaurant. Walk up to our window to pick up or we will bring your order out to your car. DELIVERY services will hopefully be in effect by the weekend (March 21). You can call Fetch, Uber Eats, or Doordash. In the meantime, be safe and we hope to see you soon.

Mexican cuisine today is a uniquely complex blend of indigenous Mesoamerican cooking and the influences of Spanish, French, Chinese, African, and Caribbean cuisines. 

Originally, maize, chiles, tomatoes, beans, squash, flowers, fruits, seeds, and leaves had been gathered and prepared in ways that became distinctly typical of the many varied regions of Mexico. For centuries that diversity has continued to exist with the additions of European, Asian and African ingredients such as chicken, beef, pork, cheese, garlic, onions and rice. The fusion of these ingredients, the creativity and care to produce the layered depths of flavor, both subtle and bold, complex and original is why in 2010 UNESCO declared «MEXICAN CUISINE AN INTANGIBLE CULTURAL HERITAGE OF HUMANITY.» 

Our mission is to honor this rich history with a focus on southern Mexican cooking, using traditional ingredients and traditional methods of preparation.